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eclipse status (summary: it looks nice)

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: eclipse status (summary: it looks nice)
Date: 23 Dec 2002 02:10:13 +0100


Tom Tromey is on vacation now, but just before he left he checked in
some very nice patches to libgcj. The result of these fixes?
-> look at the screenshots:

The above page also contains instructions on how to run Eclipse with gij
(the GNU Interpreter for Java which comes with gcj). Since libgcj is
based on the GNU Classpath libraries this hopefully means that other
free VMs will also soon be able to run Eclipse!

There are still some big showstoppers. You will need to disable the
Garbage Collecter or you will get the attached exception while starting
up. When restarting Eclipse it will fail to reload its own preferences.
And there are some Thread ownership problems, sometimes gij locks up
completely (almost always reproducable by trying to actually run the
Hello World program shown in the above screenshots inside Eclipse. gdb
output also attached, two threads seem to be stuck at the same point
shown in the backtrace). But there is also a lot of things just working.
And it looks very, very nice!

I want to thank Erwin Bolwidt (who spotted the String.getChars() bug)
and Vincent Partington (who helped debug the URLClassLoader bug) this
weekend. And of course all the GNU Classpath and gcj hackers for all
their work the last couple of years to get us this far. Thanks!



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