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Re: Graphics2D using OpenGL ?

From: Artur Biesiadowski
Subject: Re: Graphics2D using OpenGL ?
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 11:53:41 +0100
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Brian Jones wrote:

As this was a research project and is not intended to be supported or
developed further and is under the MPL 1.1, is it of any use other
than a proof of concept?

Even as proof of concept it is nice :)

I'm now not telling that we should use this particular library - maybe it will be easier to create it from scratch (I do not like dependency on jausoft opengl binding for example). But in theory, isn't it possible to use it in classpath (outside of contacting people there and asking them to assign copyright to FSF) ?

We are using a lot of outside libraries. libc. Used to use libz. Gtk. Xerces (in future for sure). Probably there will be a need to use freetype if fonts are supposed to have any serious functionality. Not all of them use same kind of license as classpath, so it is solved somehow ? I understand that in such case, agile2d would not be distributed as part of classpath. But MPL is quite liberal, we can get it as separate project, hack in any way we want, exposing all needed functions, so it will be a trivial reuse it inside classpath. We would just distribute it as .jar inside classpath, instead putting source here. MPL allows embedding into commercial applications, so it should be not a problem for 'embedded gcc' usage.

Once again - I'm not sure if starting from scratch is not easier, especially given the fact that jausoft opengl installation is not easiest thing to automate. I'm just asking if it is possible to just reuse it as external library.


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