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Re: 0.05

From: Brian Jones
Subject: Re: 0.05
Date: 24 Dec 2002 00:48:21 -0500
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Mark Wielaard <address@hidden> writes:

> On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 22:36, Brian Jones wrote:
> > * Integrate any remaining patches on Savannah as needed.
> I still have some patches "claimed" but I got absorbed in gcc 3.3
> testing and didn't have time to do more merging. I am currently looking
> at merging/fixing the ObjectStream classes between Classpath and libgcj
> but ran out of time and I probably won't have time the rest of the week
> to look after the JRVM patches. So feel free to analyze and/or patch the
> remaining items.

I haven't gotten to this yet.  The gjdoc, dist, and automake crap took
me much longer than expected over the past few days.

> > * Full javadoc generated by gjdoc available for general consumption.
> There is only one open issue here that I know of. The produced HTML
> pages should contain the actual Copyright notice of the java files they
> were produced from not just some generic blurb. This is easy to
> implement for the GNU Classpath classes since they always have that
> statement as the first comment block at the top of the file. In general
> it will not be that easy to extract this info from the java source file.

Some way of specifying copyright/footer on a per package/class basis
would be great... but this appears to be added in the xsltproc step.
I've ignored it for now but there is a notice to this affect that you
describe on our website.

I've just committed a large number of changes to finish bringing gjdoc
generation into the build/dist mechanism, fix some broken things like
DESTDIR, uninstall, and too many invocations of  I
think make distcheck almost works now (fails in distcleancheck), but
it's not a big deal either way.

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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