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Re: mauve results posted nightly

From: Stuart Ballard
Subject: Re: mauve results posted nightly
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 10:15:04 -0500
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Brian Jones wrote:

No, not forgotten but not started yet.  Won't have a decent response back
to you for a week I guess.  Planning to send a patch... is there a way
to combine two or more japize runs into a single file (non-overlapping

Hmm... not a trivial way, but it can be done.

gunzip file1.japi.gz file2.japi.gz
cat file1.japi file2.japi | sort > combined.japi
vi combined.japi
dd (strip off the duplicate first line)
gzip combined.japi

Of course, since the first line contains things like creation date, there's slight dataloss in combining two files with different creation dates. Oh, and I think this technique requires japi files created by japitools 0.9.2, because the code that made "sort" give the right order was only added in that version.

This also won't work if any of the same classes are included in both japis, but you said "non-overlapping packages" so you should be okay on that front.

Out of interest, since you seem to have a handle on solving the problem, what exactly turned out to be causing it?


Stuart Ballard, Programmer
NetReach - Internet Solutions
(215) 283-2300, ext. 126

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