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Native function layer for porting to different systems

From: Dr. Torsten Rupp
Subject: Native function layer for porting to different systems
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 13:33:25 +0200
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Dear Classpath members,

already a (too) long time ago I added the files in native/target
as a proposal for a native function layer to make the C sources
independent from a specific OS/machine. This code is still not
active and because of many other things I had to do upto now
I was still not able to activate it - I'm sorry.

Nevertheless because I'm still busy, but I like go on with the
work with Classpath, too, I have have the following idea: because
it would be to much work for a single step I would like to activate
the code step by step, e. g. transform the native OS function calls
to the proposed macro system file by file. In the first step this
would require to extend the include path search list in the Makefiles
to thedirectories native/target/Linux and native/target/generic.
Because at aicas GmbH we do use other configure and Makefiles
I currently do not know how to do this exactly and what would
be the side-effects on other software parts. My question:

Can I add the include files of the native layer files with the
macros defined there to the source files without causing
trouble? How do I extend the include path list in the Makefiles?

Thank you for your help.

Torsten Rupp

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