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RE: A few small fixes

From: David Holmes
Subject: RE: A few small fixes
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 14:24:09 +1000

Turns out there is a very good reason not to use loadClass(name,
resolve) - just a pity the API docs don't mention this. From the JVMS,
Section 5.3.2, footnote 1, page 161:

"Since JDK release 1.1 the Java virtual machine invokes the loadClass
method of a class loader in order to cause it to load a class or
interface. The argument to loadClass is the name of the class or
interface to be loaded. There is also a two-argument version of the
loadClass method. The second argument is a boolean that indicates
whether the class or interface is to be linked or not. Only the
two-argument version was supplied in JDK release 1.0.2, and the Java
virtual machine relied on it to link the loaded class or interface.
>From JDK release 1.1 onward, the Java virtual machine links the class
or interface directly, without relying on the class loader."

David Holmes

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