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Re: GTK peers

From: John Leuner
Subject: Re: GTK peers
Date: 11 Jun 2003 10:29:00 +0100

> > It seems that sometimes there is some threading problem which causes an
> > Xlib error:
> > 
> > Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x29)!
> > 
> > Using kissme, if I enable some internal debugging (with -t jni), this is
> > less likely to happen, so I think it's a thread timing issue.
> See what happens if you use --enable-portable-native-sync with
> configure.

This doesn't work:

GThread-ERROR **: The supplied thread function vector is invalid.

I guess this is because either the required function vector has changed
(for a newer version of glib? .. in the docs I have there is a longer
function vector) or a test is done at runtime that happens to fail with

But from what I read in the glib docs, the standard way should work fine
because kissme uses pthreads and I assume glib is usually compiled for

on my system:

glib-config --libs gthread                                             

-L/usr/lib -lgthread -lglib -lpthread

John Leuner <address@hidden>

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