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Re: Patches waiting to be committed ...

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Patches waiting to be committed ...
Date: 11 Jun 2003 21:17:18 -0600
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>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Crawley <address@hidden> writes:

Stephen> 1571  fix for java.math.BigDecimal.setScale()

There's a discussion of this one taking place on the java-patches
list.  The patch has been rewritten but I haven't looked at the new
one yet.  If Per approves it, I'll make sure it gets into Classpath as

Stephen> 1532  Fix equals/hashcode for DateFormat classes

This one looks fine to me.  I assume this was discovered by running
some actual program?  Otherwise I'd be surprised by this behavior.

I'll check it in.

Stephen> 1535  --disable-gtk-peers to allow build on RH7.2

This is kind of ugly but I suppose it is temporary as well.
I'll check it in.


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