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suggested way to structure changes to String, Float, Double

From: David P Grove
Subject: suggested way to structure changes to String, Float, Double
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 11:02:37 -0400


        I'd like to make some minor changes to java.lang.String, 
java.lang.Float, and java.lang.Double to make then work with Jikes RVM 
slightly better.  The desired effect of the changes are:
        (1) move implementation of java.lang.String.intern() to another 
file so we can provide a different implementation for Jikes RVM.  We need 
to do this to fix a correctness problem with string interning with 
classpath + Jikes RVM. 
        (2) avoid native methods in java.lang.Float and java.lang.Double. 
This is performance motivated, and is less important.

        One way I could proceed would be to add VMString, VMFloat, and 
VMDouble classes and move the bodies of the relevant methods to these new 
classes.  This seems to be consistent with the way other classes are 
structured.  If this sounds reasonable, I'd be happy to put together a 
patch and submit it.  If people have other suggestions that get the same 
effect, that would be fine too.



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