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Re: javax.swing.plaf; next steps

From: Thomas Fitzsimmons
Subject: Re: javax.swing.plaf; next steps
Date: 27 Jun 2003 23:41:45 -0400

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 19:40, Brian Jones wrote:
> Thomas Fitzsimmons <address@hidden> writes:
> > Currently, I'm merging classpath's GTK 2.0 peers into libgcj, but once
> > I'm done that, I'll start working on a UI delegate.
> Those peers still need a lot of work btw, I've not seen any AWT app
> run yet with them.  Anyone know how to treat GtkEntry and GtkTextView
> the same for the functions in GtkTextComponentPeer?  Seems like in
> GTK2 they broke the whole GtkEditable concept and didn't fix it...

Yeah, it looks like they just kind of abandoned the notion of

Anyway, both GtkEntry and GtkTextView have the property "editable" so
couldn't we change the GtkComponentPeer's native set methods to use


> Brian
Thomas Fitzsimmons <address@hidden>

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