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Re: Implementing java.text

From: Guilhem Lavaux
Subject: Re: Implementing java.text
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 15:51:23 +0200
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Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Hi Michael, hi Guilhem,

Hi Dalibor, (always here but a lot busy ;) )

> while trying to merge in the latest improvements in Classpath, I noticed that Michael started reformatting java.text, and fixing some problems on his own. Which is a great thing, but leaves me with a small problem:
> It makes my back-merging work harder, as kaffe already uses the patches submitted by Guilhem to the Classpath bug tracker. See for an overview. I'd like to suggest reviewing those patches, and then deciding on merging them in or whether another implementation of those aspects of java.text is necessary.

Yes, it's a problem I fear for some time now. I also noticed that some changes have been made to InetAddress and that I need to port these changes without compromising the already fixed bugs in kaffe (IPV6 compatibility). Hopefully, I will have some time to work on kaffe/Classpath in two weeks.

> If there is anything I can personally do to make sure the contributions from kaffe developers make their way back into Classpath, I'd appreciate hearing about it. I guess we should just talk to each other more often ;)

I would also like to help.



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