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Re: gnu inetlib

From: Joe Phillips
Subject: Re: gnu inetlib
Date: 20 Oct 2003 13:00:59 -0400

On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 12:28, chris burdess wrote:
> from the api documentation:
>   This implements RFC 959, with the following exceptions:
>    * STAT, HELP, SITE, SMNT, and ACCT commands are not supported.
>    * the TYPE command does not allow alternatives to the default bytesize
>      (Non-print), and local bytesize is not supported.
> it's been tested using active/passive mode and MODE STREAM. i have been
> unable thus far to locate a free ftp server that supports modes BLOCK and
> COMPRESSED to test these.

I'm pretty sure HylaFAX does COMPRESSED.  I recall adding compression at
one point.

> it doesn't support any extensions; contributions would be most welcome,
> subject to all the legal whatnot.

ok.  I'll check out your CVS.

> btw, by “client” i mean a client connection object, not a user-agent.

same here.  I mean I have an FTP protocol implementation in Java object
form.  I do not have a GUI or command-line program "user-agent".  I have
very simple test-case type command line programs to test my HylaFAX

My classes have been pretty extensively tested against HylaFAX server
but I'm not aware of many FTP-only users.  Just today I was contacted by
someone claiming he uses my classes to send over 3000 FAXes per day
without problems.  At a past contract, an intern was paid to make the
FTP portion 'speak' with an IBM mainframe FTP server.

I don't recall if we've used BLOCK yet.  

We should compare notes and I'll contribute what I can.  A month or so
ago I checked out CVS and started to look at patching Classpath.  What

The hold-up for me patching Classpath was that I didn't quite know how
to test it.  I currently use non-free JDKs from Sun & IBM and am not in
the position to sink a lot of time into getting a free JDK working.  Is
there an easy way to test a custom build of Classpath?  "easy" for me
would be defined as either using Sun or IBMs JDK *or* a GCJ from Debian.

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