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Re: gnu inetlib initial submission

From: chris burdess
Subject: Re: gnu inetlib initial submission
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 17:28:11 +0100
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Joe Phillips wrote:
> > i've checked the first set of contributions to the inetlib project into
> > cvs. this includes:
> > 
> > - an ftp client and URLConnection
> Chris,
> How full-blown is this client?  I have a full-blown FTP client I
> contacted Nick about contributing quite some time ago.  I'd be willing
> to contribute what I can.
> I developed it as a base class for a HylaFAX client.  Since I was
> planning to contribute it to Classpath, I took extra care to implement
> most/all of RFC959 and some extensions.

from the api documentation:

  This implements RFC 959, with the following exceptions:
   * STAT, HELP, SITE, SMNT, and ACCT commands are not supported.
   * the TYPE command does not allow alternatives to the default bytesize
     (Non-print), and local bytesize is not supported.

it's been tested using active/passive mode and MODE STREAM. i have been
unable thus far to locate a free ftp server that supports modes BLOCK and
COMPRESSED to test these.

it doesn't support any extensions; contributions would be most welcome,
subject to all the legal whatnot.

btw, by “client” i mean a client connection object, not a user-agent.
chris burdess

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