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Re: Classpath and org.omg.*

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: Classpath and org.omg.*
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 01:21:39 +0200


On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 13:45, Bryce McKinlay wrote:
> How does the org.omg spec differ from the java.* spec which is also 
> non-modifiable according to its license?

I haven't studied specs or books on org.omg yet, so I cannot tell you. I
was talking about software distributed under the restrictions that
Stuart proposed.

The license for the java.*  spec isn't really relevant since we don't
distribute that spec anyway. And you don't have to accept that license
to read the specs that we use to implement these class libraries.
(I just went to the bookstore and bought the JCL books.)
I actually talked about this with RMS and his opinion was that as long
as people publish books about how these classes are supposed to work, we
are allowed to publish code that shows people how these classes are
supposed to work.



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