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Re: Q: Classpath and Eclipse

From: S. Meslin-Weber
Subject: Re: Q: Classpath and Eclipse
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 11:35:47 -0000
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Has anybody already tried to import classpath under Eclipse? I tried to
create a project and import the files, but then Eclipse is far too
* gnu/java/lang classes are imported into package java.lang
* vm/reference/java/lang classes are imported into package

Probably I'm just doing something wrong.... (I'm using Eclipse 3.0M4)

Never tried it.  Most IDEs do not expect people to try to work on core
java, especially not a "different" core java.

Even so, there's nothing stopping you from configuring Eclipse to do so.
The main areas you will need to configure are:

- project properties -> Java Build Class Path -> Source
Remove the autodetected source paths and add the project root as one.

- Run -> Run As -> New Application (make sure you have your test app's main class open in the editor)
gives you options to override the bootclasspath and other sundry items.

I develop fbAWT under Eclipse 3.0M4 without problem. I use classpath's
java.awt.Font* classes as they don't initialise native libs ;)



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