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Re: Q: Classpath and Eclipse

From: David P Grove
Subject: Re: Q: Classpath and Eclipse
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 07:10:51 -0500

Julian Dolby knows more about this (maybe he will jump in), but when you run eclipse on Jikes RVM we've written a plugin such that the classpath libraries are not only used by eclipse, but are also used by the applications you develop in eclipse (and Jikes RVM is used to execute them).

So, you can edit, build, compile, and run your Java code in Eclipse without needing any other JVM at all.

One downside is that we haven't implemented JDWP in Jikes RVM yet, so you can't use the Eclipse debugger  in this mode, but we all write bug free programs the first time, right ;-)

We also have mainly been testing this on the 2.x versions of eclipse.  I'm pretty sure we have a little work to do to get the current Eclipse milestone builds to work on Jikes RVM.

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