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Re: [PATCH] text layout implementation

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: [PATCH] text layout implementation
Date: 18 Nov 2003 15:39:10 -0700
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>>>>> "graydon" == graydon hoare <address@hidden> writes:

graydon> this patch implements simple awt text layouts using attributed strings
graydon> and j2d glyph vectors. it will probably need further work, but it is
graydon> enough to get the swing text system limping along.

If you know of specific problems in the patch, go ahead and add
comments explaining what remains.

graydon> 2003-11-18  Graydon Hoare  <address@hidden>
graydon>        * java/awt/font/ Implement simple layouts
graydon>        using attributed strings and glyph vectors.

Please check in, thanks.


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