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RE: [Article] Sun Fires Back over Open Source Java Accusations

From: C. Brian Jones
Subject: RE: [Article] Sun Fires Back over Open Source Java Accusations
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 00:18:38 -0500

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 05:12, Robert Lougher wrote:
> Hi,
> A quite interesting response.  However, it's funny hearing Phipps slam IBM 
> so much (considering their Linux technology center and support of Jikes).  
> He used to be IBM's Java evangelist (based in Hursley, UK) before defecting 
> to Sun.  Favourite phrase was "Tsunami"...

I was recently in a small room with this man.  He makes some fair points
in response to Eric who really should have come here first before firing
off his open letter.  

Rather than the rise of free software alternatives for Java I think the
thing which could push Java along the path of openoffice, netbeans, etc.
would be a wildly successful C# conversion of older Java software
resulting in significant declines in the Java rank and file.

I think Classpath isn't really looking to be branded 100% Java as much
as we'd like to know that some combination of Classpath and JVM can pass
the TCK with flying colors, in fact that the GNU Java platform can pass
all applicable TCKs and our own tests.  There is still a system
integration project left to be done, to pull together the compilers, the
tools, the JVM, the standard libraries and extensions and to make them
work together using similar naming and arguments for programs, etc. and
make the whole thing installable in one go instead of pulling bits and
pieces together from across the globe.


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