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Branch for generics

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Branch for generics
Date: 05 Aug 2004 14:06:01 -0600

I'm going to make a branch for generics work, including all the other
parts of 1.5; for the most part these rely on generics and can't be
done independently anyway.  I plan to name it "generics-branch".

* Commit rules.
  Only commit changes related to generics or other 1.5 work; other
  changes should go on the trunk (so no sneaking random changes in
  via the branch :-).
  Post your patches as usual, but put `[generics]' in the Subject.
  There is no need for approval for these patches.

* Lifetime.
  I propose we merge the branch to mainline when two criteria are met:

  1. A majority of Classpath-using VM implementors agree that they
  have access to a compiler suitable for compiling the branch.

  2. A majority of Classpath-using VMs can actually use this version
  of Classpath, though perhaps not perfectly.  (In particular here
  I'm thinking that it is probably ok if the new reflection code does
  not work -- the VM will still be able to bootstrap, it just won't
  implement all of 1.5 faithfully.)

* What's there.
  So far I've written Iterable and converted a good chunk of the
  existing collections classes.  None of this has been compiled at
  all yet.  Feel free to help out, there is plenty to do :-)

I'm personally planning to use this code to help debug the generics
(and other 1.5 stuff) in gcjx; hopefully it can serve the same purpose
for the generics branch of jikes.  (Probably a quicker route to a free
1.5-ish compiler will be via Eclipse ...)


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