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Classpath License, Phillosophy, and AICAS (was: Re: Removing the TARGET_

From: Steven Augart
Subject: Classpath License, Phillosophy, and AICAS (was: Re: Removing the TARGET_* layer or not ?)
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 23:27:39 -0400
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Andy Walter wrote:
Some of the native interfaces we are using here are even more complicated than the embOS one, because they are for special operating systems which are only used internally in a customer's company, but not publicly available as a product. Those systems would probably be of little interest here (because they are not available at all) and we would not even be allowed to publish the implementations for them. We might be able to provide more platforms in the future.

I assume you're absolutely certain that those programs on those operating systems are not being further redistributed by the companies in question, that they're only being used internally. And I assume those customers are fully aware that any distribution they do of the resulting software (including as part of an embedded system) must include source code or an offer of source code, pursuant to GPL clauses 3a and 3b.

Are there any of the implementations that don't have a 64-bit type that you can share?

It's okay by us to modify or change things in the native layer. Removing it completely means kicking aicas out of the project. After one and a half years of working on the project, this would be really sad for us. I would be glad if we can come to a solution which is okay for everybody.
This is a difficult issue here. I am writing up a technical (software engineering perspective) note on the topic, which I will send separately to avoid mixing licensing issues with technical ones.

I'll be on a week's vacation starting Saturday (New York time); my responses may be delayed.

Steven Augart

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