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Re: Target native layer

From: Dr. Torsten Rupp
Subject: Re: Target native layer
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 14:10:17 +0200
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Dear Michael,

NC (native code): We know its native code, its written in C.

TN (target native): We know its for a special target. Its in a special directory when using your solution.

CP (ClassPath): We know its classpath BUT this makes it easy to dinstiguish code defined in classpath or outside of classpath, e.g. system headers.

I would like to do one more step: we know it is native code, but I would also like to know _which_ part it belongs to in the native code. I see two big parts: target-independent code and target-dependent code (one is above the target native layer, the other is inside the target native laxer). It would be nice to distinguish these two parts by a suitable prefix. Of course "CP" would do this (I can make an "alias" in my brain to map all "CP" to "this is target dependent code"), but I think some prefix which is indicates this more clearly would be better.

BUT: this detail is not really important. "CP" is ok for me, if it is ok for other people, too.

But we should put ALL possible OSes into ONE posix layer. Solaris needs no special layer. Its easy to support in a posix layer. That is the way Free Software developers handle it since a long time. No need to have it Solaris in an extra directory.

Yes, I following you in this point. That was it, I wanted to say with:

- combine posix-like systems - Linux, BSD, AIX, Solaris - into a single set of files in one directory (usage of autoconf for posix-like systems)

I still have one question: what layers do you want to add and when ? I still saw no other layer then the mis-named "Linux" one. I ask this because layers for embedded OSes that we can never get in touch with or somehow nonsense to all outside of AICAS. We could look at the code but nothing else. This doesnt really help either.

I first wanted to avoid to offer here things in advance (otherwise I fear somebody will become upset if I can not do it in time, because of limitated manpower). Currently on the list is: Solaris, RTEMS, embOS and MinGW (Windows). Please do not ask me exactly _when_ I will supply this, but I promise I will do my best to add these as soon as possible.

By the way: I think "Linux" is not mis-named, because it is "Linux". It is only a "coincidence" that is 100% identical to the generic case. The background is: we are developing basically with Linux.



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