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End of the month - where is the new snapshot?

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: End of the month - where is the new snapshot?
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 23:49:56 +0200

Hi all (avdyk and dog CCed for the last point),

It is already that time. End of the (second) month. So we should get a
new snapshot release out. Please try to get everything that you want to
get in for this new 0.11 release snapshot in on Friday September 3.
Then we do the real release on Monday September 6.

This is the NEWS entry I have up to now.
I have probably forgotten something. Please yell and scream if your
favorate new feature is missing!

New in release 0.11 (not released yet)

* javax.swing.Spring and SpringLayout support.
* Added pluggable look and feel support for BasicTextFieldUI and
* java.swing.text support for (Default and Layered) Highlighter, FieldView,
  PlainView, TabExpander and TabableView added.
* Start of JTable and JTree implementation.
* Internal Swing frames work.
* JMenu and JPopupMenu work.
* New gtk+ AWT FileDialog peer now based on gtk+2.4 or higher.
* java.awt.image LookupTables and kernel support.
* Improved java.awt.image.BufferedImage support.
* AWT 1.0 event model support.
* GNU Classpath now comes with some example programs (see examples/README).
* New javax.crypto, javax.crypto.interfaces, javax.crypto.spec,,,,,,,
  and org.ietf.jgss packages are now officially part of GNU Classpath.
  Extra crypto algorithms can be obtained from the GNU Crypto project,
  a full TLS implementation is provided by the Jessie project.
* Frame.setIconImage() support.
* AWT GDKGraphics scaling.
* New configure flag --enable-gtk-cairo to build Graphics2D implementation
  build on cairo and pangoft2.  Enabled at runtime by defining the system
* javax.swing.JSpinner implemented.
* Extensive documentation update for java.util collection classes.
* java.awt.geom completed. Area, Arc2D, Ellipse2D and Line2D implemented.

Runtime interface Changes:

* java.lang.Compiler now uses the new java.lang.VMCompiler; there is
  a reference implementation that most VMs can use.
* java.lang.VMSystem has a new getenv(String) method and a reference C/JNI
  implementation that should work on most Posix like systems.
* java.util.TimeZone has been split into a platform independent class and
  a platform dependent class VMTimeZone.  GNU Classpath comes with a generic
  way to get at the default time zone for Posix/GNU-like platforms.
* [VM]AccessController improvements.  In particular it handles
  `doPrivileged' calls better, and allows for recursive `doPrivileged'
  calls in the same Thread. (see vm/reference/java/security/)

There is still a long list of things that I want to see in. We will have
to see how much time I actually have for doing it all. I don't believe
anything (except probably the gjdoc thing) is a real show stopper.

- resync gui-branch (JColor Chooser, JComboBox, javax.swing.text, ...)
- New examples (Drop Animation Applet, JColor Chooser, JComboBox, Area)
- URLConnection.getContent()
- Get gjdoc working again (see rsdio patches)
- Fix jikes 1.21 warnings (lots...)
- khc Timer patch
- dog JNDI file provider
- dog inet HTTP handler
- GNU JAXP sync?

About that last point. What do people think about dropping GNU JAXP as
external library and let runtime, compiler, tool integrators depend on
the GNU JAXP upstream release? Kaffe already does that and I think GNU
JAXP is independent enough to point people at it as external extension

It is not something I really do want to do or don't want to do, but I
notice that for that last two releases we didn't actually sync with GNU
JAXP so it seems we don't really have time for that. In that case it
would be a good idea to just drop it. If on the other hand people really
want to see this shipped together with GNU Classpath (as external
library) then I will put in some effort to finally upgrade it.



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