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Proposal: merge Jessie as an external project

From: Thomas Fitzsimmons
Subject: Proposal: merge Jessie as an external project
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 16:44:06 -0400


I propose that we build Jessie directly into  Having Jessie
present by default would be convenient both for GNU Classpath developers
and also for packagers.

For GNU Classpath developers who want to test apps that require SSL, it
would mean one less dependency to fetch and setup on CLASSPATH.

For packagers obviously it would mean one less package to maintain.
More importantly though, it would eliminate a circular dependency.  In
Fedora Core 4, for example we want a Java SSL provider available by
default.  This means that ideally the libgcj package should depend on
the Jessie package.  But Jessie's build requires libgcj.  We worked
around this by having java-gcj-compat depend on both libgcj and Jessie,
and packages requiring a Java SSL provider requiring java-gcj-compat.
However in my opinion this complexity is unwarranted especially given
that Jessie's SSL provider jar is only 350K.

Because Jessie is its own separate project I'm thinking that at least in
the short term we should cvs import it into classpath/external
periodically, and let upstream development happen in its current

Sound reasonable?


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