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PATCH: logfile rotation, native methods

From: Casey Marshall
Subject: PATCH: logfile rotation, native methods
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 23:17:35 -0700


The attached patch implements log file rotation in the java.util.logging.FileHandler class.

One feature this implementation requires, in order to function properly, are file locks, which to my dismay are still not implemented. On that point, I'd like to ask what the requirements on JNI code are for Classpath, if any. I know there are at least two "standard" APIs in Classpath for native functionality -- the TARGET_NATIVE macro nonsense, and the VM* classes (I get the feeling that the latter is preferred now). Should file locks (and, say, memory-mapped files) use one of these? Or would it be acceptable to simply write the JNI code directly, surrounded by appropriate #ifdef's?


2005-07-07  Casey Marshall  <address@hidden>

    * java/util/logging/
    (written): new field.
    (logFiles): new field.
    (<init>): initialize the OutputStream last.
    (createFileStream): made non-static; append '.%g' to 'pattern'
    if not included; open existing files if 'append' is set; return
    byte-counting stream; use 'has', not 'String.indexOf'.
    (publish): rotate the file if we go beyond the byte limit; flush
    the stream after publishing each record.
    (rotate): new method.
    (has): new method.
    (ostr): new member class.

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