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Re: Compiling OpenExchange with gcj and classpath

From: Soumyadip Modak
Subject: Re: Compiling OpenExchange with gcj and classpath
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 00:01:52 +0530
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Martin Kauss wrote:

first of all i want to state that i do not want to start
a discussion like vi/emacs, linux/windows or something
similar. For us, freedom of choice is importend and if the
classpath project fits the needs - it is just fine.

Only one statement i want to clarify:
I wrote that the Javamail API supports servers - maybe i should
say that it has been tested against several servers (like mentioned in the notes, >

I will discuss the issue of "undocumented" calls at the beginning of >the next 
week with our developer team and i will check again the >classpath API because - like i 
wrote - i tested some month ago and
at this time some methods were not included. I want to be up-to-date.

Please be patient until we have investigated the details.

Hey that's great news. I'm certainly looking forward to getting OX to compile with GNU Classpath.
Maybe, if it's impractical to get OX to support Classpath completely right now, 
we could have a set of patches, separate from the main OX code, which would 
enable us to build OX with Classpath ? It's seems to me that some code in OX 
might be have to be changed to do this, so this suggestion.

Looking forward to all the responses

Thanks a lot

Soumyadip Modak

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