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0.17 release Friday (SLOW DOWN!)

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: 0.17 release Friday (SLOW DOWN!)
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 14:06:39 +0200

Hi all,

We promised a "quick 0.17" release to get rid of the little buglets we
found in 0.16. But development never stops. We have had 150 commits
already since 0.16 (10+ each day). And most of this is really good
stuff. But there have also been some regressions. I would like to slow
down for two days and do the 0.17 we promised as "really stable" and
then move back into rapid development mode.

> Please work under the assumption that we can release a new version at
> any time. So think whether you would be embarrassed by a release that
> ships with the code that you are about the check in. If so, don't :)

So please no more patches with comments like "This patch may cause some
temporary regressions..". And please let me know what you intent to work
on till Friday. If there is anything essential that must go in, please
let the list know. And if possible sleep on your patches an extra night
if they are not essential to get into 0.17 (especially if they change
the build or native parts).

As far as I can see we don't have any major regressions, except maybe
the jar verification/logger code. Mauve tests look fine and major apps
work. So try to concentrate on fixing bugs for the next two days. And
please no big patches on Friday while I roll the release.

This was the list I posted just after 0.16:

> So if people feel we need a new release soon then here are some extra
> goals for 0.17:
> - Get XML DOM fixes in.
>   Done. Chris, I assume you want to see all other fixes also deployed
>   soon.


> - Update integration manual.
>   Andrew Hughes posted a RFC:

I will go over this and give comments soon. (Sorry Andrew)

> - swing busy paint/validate loops cleanups
>   The removal of paint() and revalidate() has improved the feel of
>   free swing a lot and although there are some small redrawing issue
>   I think this is a big improvement on usability over 0.16. Roman, do
>   you feel this is an improvement? What other fixes do you think are
>   essential to fixup any remaining drawing glitches before 0.17?

Done. And indeed a big improvement. Our free swing is really improving a
lot these last few days. Great work!

> - gcj 3.4 miscompilation (not found yet)
>   This was reported on irc. The GNU Classpath Examples Swing Demo
>   doesn't receive any button events. If at all possible I like to find
>   a workaround for this issue since I want to switch to gcj 4.0 soon.
>   It would be nice to have the last release that supported gcj < 4
>   actually works for our demos.

Still not found. Not really looked yet to be honest.
But I won't make this a showstopper.

> - has someone looked at this error? I see it a lot when trying out
>   various swing examples, but don't have a sure way to replicate yet:
>   Exception during event dispatch:
>   java.lang.ClassCastException: javax/swing/JMenuItem
>     at java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.dispatchEvent
>        (
>     at (


> - when zip not found classes are not compiled/installated?
>   Reported by Stephane for cygwin.

Not looked at. Nasty, but not a showstopper.

> - There were some hangs reported with eclipse. I have seen this happen
>   myself now, although I think this is not new. It looks like our
>   io/net can get interrupted somehow and doesn't recover correctly.
>   (look at libgcj CNI code to see if they deal with this better then
>   our JNI code).

A bit better with some of the native nio and net code.
Checking out a large repository like classpath from eclipse still hangs
from time to time. Maybe something to do with the VMProcess input/output
pipe streams?

> - In general get all the new cool stuff already done (and being done
>   this week) ready to rock! Corba updates, ObjectStreamClass fixes,
>   build/configure fixes, FSF address change, Swing/AWT documentation
>   updates, jtable fixes, etc, all already done since 0.16 was
>   released.

And lots of other new goodies!
Please add a little section to the NEWS file if you added something



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