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Re: [fedora-java] Re: [OX Devel] Re: Devel Digest, Vol 12, Issue 6

From: Martin Kauss
Subject: Re: [fedora-java] Re: [OX Devel] Re: Devel Digest, Vol 12, Issue 6
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 10:37:39 +0200 (CEST)

Am Jul 14, 2005 08:26 PM schrieb Chris Burdess <address@hidden>:

> Martin Kauss wrote:
> >> The problem is that Rights, as well as ACL and Quota, are in a com.sun
> >> package.
> >
> > OX makes use of the class IMAPFolder and there you have the method
> > addRights(ACL acl) which lead us to setRights(Rights rights)
> > and there we find the Rights.
> >
> > The GNU classpath javamail API does not have the method addRights(ACL  
> > acl)
> > and no setRights(Rights rights) in the IMAPFolder class, see
> >
> > 
> > providers/imap/IMAPFolder.html
> >
> > The main issue is not to use class instances (replacements),
> > the main issue is that the classpath API does currently not
> > implement methods needed by OX.
> You haven't asked for them at any time, so it hasn't even been on our  
> to-do list.
> > However, you are right, the class is experimental,
> It's not that it's experimental. It's that it's a private Sun  
> implementation, it is not part of the API, and it will never be present  
> in a free Java runtime.
> > but for some reasons also the GNU classpath people
> > have implement a clone of this class.
> It's not a clone. It's a completely different private implementation,  
> that is still not part of the API.
> As Stephen Crawley noted, the problem is that the public API is  
> underspecified and in order to use advanced IMAP functionality you need  
> to use private implementations.
> > In fact we/you
> > have to investigate if OX can offer the same functionality
> > by using other classes and what is the effort/benefit
> > of such a change.
> The underlying library used by the GNU providers is called inetlib. It  
> provides a much lower-level API to IMAP and other network protocols. If  
> you want performance, and you can live without a MIME framework, it may  
> be of interest to you.
> If you just want ACL support in the GNU IMAP provider, we can schedule  
> it in for the next release.
> -- 
> Chris Burdess

Hi again.

I stated this out in one of my earlier post, but i will
make it even more clear:

Open-Xchange provides currently a collaboration server, several 
extensions and frameworks. We are focused on functionality
and features for the users and customers. To get this functionality
we are using several libraries - you can see the list in out INSTALL
file. Now the question came up if OX can build by using only "free"
software tools and libraries.

We can help to make such an implementation happen, but our
focus is the solution and the features. Thats why we have not
ask for methods. Now, if there is a strong demand and the GNU 
Classpath developers are scheduling the complete implementation
of the required classes and methods for one of the next GNU Classpath
javamail API releases, we should have some conversation how this can be
implemented in a very easy way (like some kind of configure option)
to support it (of course we must keep an eye on the effort ;-).

And to avoid any rumor, this strategy is part of our general
developing concepts. We do not reinvent wheels we are using
existing infrastructure wherever it fits our needs.


Martin Kauss

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