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Re: Suggesting public GNU Classpath namespace

From: Meskauskas Audrius
Subject: Re: Suggesting public GNU Classpath namespace
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 18:07:49 +0200
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The gnu.* domain does not indicate differences between implementation-related classes that can be changed at any time and the stable interfaces we would like to expose to public. We do not recommend to use any class from gnu.* name space because some of them they change from release to release, this is inevitable. I suggest a place where we could store interface classes that we plan only extend in the future, but never remove any class or method. gnu.classpath.* already contains some classes. I do not know if they satisfy these requirements.


Nic Ferrier wrote:

Robert Schuster <address@hidden> writes:

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correct me if I am wrong but I think 'our' public namespace would be:


GNU already has a public namespace. It is:


You might have seen it in, err..., well just about every gnu Java
package actually.

There is documentation about this decision somewhere.

Nic Ferrier

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