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Re: areas of divergence

From: Ranjit Mathew
Subject: Re: areas of divergence
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 10:33:47 +0530
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Tom Tromey wrote:
> Mark> We probably should make separate releases of GNU Classpath Tools on day.
> Mark> These should of course also come with native gcj-compiled versions of
> Mark> each tool. Just like we do now for gjdoc.
> The issue for gcj is that we've historically shipped the tools.  It is
> really part of our vision (which is really Per's original vision) of
> supplying a complete toolchain.
> I think we should do as Bryce suggests and include ASM in our builds
> (though not in libgcj).

I would say that we also import Classpath Tools lock-stock-and-barrel
in a manner similar to what we have done for Classpath, say, in a
folder named "libjava/cptools". I would really like GCJ to be a complete
Java development environment.

Tom, thank you very much for the painstaking but desirable Classpath


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