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Re: Using GNU Classpath while changing his hierarchy

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Using GNU Classpath while changing his hierarchy
Date: 21 Jul 2005 10:22:30 -0600
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>>>>> ">" == Jean-Philippe Deblonde <address@hidden> writes:

>> The GNU Classpath project evolves while I'm doing this. And some
>> substitution rules available for today won't be available in future
>> releases of the Classpath project. Some new classes/substitutions will
>> be introduced with each new version...

>> So, I post this message to ask if I'm not missing something in the
>> process, if there is a existing tool or some guidelines to help me
>> keep track of the diff in a streamlined way.

>> Do you have any comments or  suggestions ?

Use Eclipse to do the refactoring for you?
Or, do the refactoring *after* the build using a tool like ASM?


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