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additional 16x16 Metal icons

From: theUser BL
Subject: additional 16x16 Metal icons
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 13:00:11 +0000

At first, thx to Tom, for the answer to my last postion "Metal icons".

But are drawn 16x16 icons needed?

I have seen
in CLasspath 0.17

So I have created

Which includes the first column the icons of Classpath 0.17 and the other are drawn by me.
If you want I can try to integrate my icons in MetalIronFactory.
But is it legal to do it? The code is completly new. And independent to Suns. But the 16x16 icons as result are the same like Suns one. They are pixel for pixel the same.
I have only doing that, because the Classpath 0.17 icons are Sun icons, too.

Additional I have created

ehcih is a modified version of at

The idea is to show all existing drawn 16x16 icons in a JTree. But on Java 1.4 and Java 5 some icons makes errors. So in this cases I have created an Icon with a red "x".


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