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MetalIconFactory Was: additional 16x16 Metal icons

From: theUser BL
Subject: MetalIconFactory Was: additional 16x16 Metal icons
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 11:52:02 +0000

I have now integrated my icons in

Have a look at

But I don't know if it works.
I have no JVM on MS-Windows, which can run GNU Classpath.
And I am not a programmer, so that I have only used existing Classpath-code as template to integrate my icons there.

And to Roman:
I have looked in Suns MetalIconFactory. But only to create extract temporary the computer ircon, to see how it look like, when an Sun icon is in AWT drawn. But I have _not_ tryed to understand _how_ Sun draw this little icon (which line at first or so).

So the icons I have drawn are completly drawn by myself. But I have taken some screenshots of running Java-programs and have zoomed them to create the drawn one.

Most importantly, we would need a copyright assignment from you, since this cannot be
considered a minor contribution that we accept without assigment.

And how can I give you the copyright assignment?
With parts from me everybody can do, what they want.


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