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Re: Handle DESTDIR in libtool

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: Handle DESTDIR in libtool
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 18:25:11 +0200
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Mark Wielaard <address@hidden> writes:

> Do you happen to know the libtool version that this got fixed in?

According to the CVS history this was fixed in libtool 1.5.

> Currently our INSTALL file says:
>         For any build environment involving native libraries, these
>         new versions of autoconf, automake, and libtool are required
>         if changes are made that require rebuilding configure,
>, aclocal.m4, or
>         - GNU autoconf 2.59+
>         - GNU automake 1.9+
>         - GNU libtool 1.5+

You are apparently talking about the classpath directory.  For the gcc CVS
the situation is different.  The libtool files in the toplevel directory
were imported from the "multi-language" branch more than 4 years ago.


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