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Re: Classpath Meeting Minutes (2005-10-07)

From: Thomas Fitzsimmons
Subject: Re: Classpath Meeting Minutes (2005-10-07)
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 13:34:01 -0400

On Fri, 2005-10-07 at 13:25 +0200, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 2005-10-07 at 02:49 +0200, Robert Schuster wrote:
> > GNU Classpath Meeting Minutes from 2005-10-07 17:00 UTC
> Thanks for making the minutes Robert.
> > Basically, Mark explained, he could not believe that everything is going on
> > smoothly. He studied Apache's procedures and asked the attendents whether 
> > these
> > would be useful for Classpath, too.
> > 
> > However everybody seemed happy with the way it is and Mark was a surprized 
> > that
> > people seem so happy to hack on GNU Classpath while the project has no real
> > formal structure.
> Just to be clear. There is a "formal structure" as outlined in our
> Hacking Guide <>.
> But we are very light on procedures. Basically the only formality is
> making sure the legal side is correctly handled. After that the "rules"
> are more like gentlemen agreements. We expect people to play nice,
> listen to each other and take each others opinion seriously.
> This seems to work just fine. Tom Tromey said that we should not impose
> any extra procedures unless there is a clear need. For example because
> people are actively behaving in an "anti-social" manner. And that time
> has (luckily!) not come.
> > Mark was worried about introducing dependencies on Gtk+-2.8 and Cairo-1.0.0 
> > .
> > These would be a necessity of the AWT rework[0]. Sven added that he does not
> > expect these changes before 0.19 .
> > 
> > Unfortunately Thomas was not present to discuss the item so we remained at
> > postponing any major AWT rework to a time after the November release.
> Lets try a release in the first week of November then. We could set the
> release date a bit earlier if Tom, or anybody else, wants to start the
> migration to 2.8 earlier. Just to make sure that we have one more
> release that doesn't need a "bleeding edge" gtk+ version. But we will
> need modern versions of various libraries in the end anyway to support
> all the cool stuff we want to have. So we could also just bite the
> bullet early if that is more convenient.

I'm fine with postponing the GTK 2.8 migration until after a November
release.  I think this will be a major refactoring of GdkGraphics2D that
will have to be done all at once, so I can commit it just after the next
release and leave lots of time for debugging before the subsequent
GTK2.8-enabled release.

> > Integration of GNU Crypto was mentioned and that we have to wait for Casey's
> > rewrite of it. Mark stated that Casey would be the only one being able to 
> > do the
> > integration nicely.
> s/GNU Crypto/Jessie/
> Casey Marshall is working on NIO support in Jessie
> <>. Jessie is packaged for the various
> distributions. But various people (on the Jessie mailinglist) had
> trouble getting the latest release integrated with the latest inetlib
> and classpath releases.

Actually I'd like to see the bits of GNU Crypto that Classpath and
Jessie require merged in as well.  I believe that was also on Casey's


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