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Re: Interruption of InterruptibleChannel methods

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Interruption of InterruptibleChannel methods
Date: 24 Oct 2005 09:43:19 -0600
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>>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicolas Geoffray <address@hidden> writes:

Nicolas> Implementing the Thread.interrupt inside my vm, I noticed
Nicolas> nothing is actually done inside classpath (except for
Nicolas> native/jni/java-nio/gnu_java_nio_VMSelector.c) for dealing
Nicolas> with interruption of a thread executing an
Nicolas> InterruptibleChannel method.

Nicolas> I have the feeling that something has to be done inside gnu
Nicolas> classpath in order for a a vm to correctly deal with the
Nicolas> interruption of a thread inside an InterruptibleChannel
Nicolas> method.

At least in the unix ports of libgcj, Thread.interrupt sends a signal
to the target thread, the idea being that this will interrupt any
blocking I/O operation there.

Nicolas> Is this kind of discussion present elsewhere? I didn't find
Nicolas> it in the archives. And the docs in gnu classpath and vms
Nicolas> seem like "forgiving" the issue.

This requirement (if it is one -- gcj goes its own way for the native
code and so I can't really speak for Classpath here) would be a great
addition to the VM integration documentation.


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