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No Menu in with Swing 1.0.3

From: theUser BL
Subject: No Menu in with Swing 1.0.3
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 13:02:07 +0000


I have tested Swing 1.0.3
on GNU Classpath 0.18.
I think the demo-programs of 1.0.3 runs perfect with 1.0.3 on GNU Classpath. Only with the menu exists a problem. It don't open if I click on it.
On Java 1.6, on the other side, there existing not the problem.

Ok, you can say, that 1.0.3 is old and GNU Classpath have its own Swing.
But I think, there existing good reasons to use it for testing:
- The libraries in swing.jar have the old package-name, which don't conflicts with the package-names in Java2 and above. - Java 1.6 runs it perfect. So if GNU Classpath wants to be compatible to Java 1.6 it must also be successfull running the old Swing. - Old Kaffe versions could also running it correct. So there existing already a OpenSource-Java in which can be looked, to see which is in GNU Classpath different.

Now to an other subject:
I have seen, that the game at
runs also nice on GNU Classpath. The game is not OpenSource, so it isn't something for the GNU Classpath Swing testing side, but it is an additional program which runs on GNU Classpath.


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