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ANN: GNU Crypto 2.1.0 and Jessie 1.0.1

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: ANN: GNU Crypto 2.1.0 and Jessie 1.0.1
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 14:19:30 +0200

Casey Marshall released GNU Crypto 2.1.0. GNU Crypto provides free,
versatile, high-quality, and provably correct implementations of
cryptographic primitives and tools in the java programming language for
use by programmers and end-users. It can also be used as extension to
GNU Classpath as a JCE security crypto algorithm provider. For more info

Casey also recently released a bugfix for Jessie 1.0.1 a Secure Sockets
Extension for programming network sockets with the Secure Socket Layer
(SSL). For more info see 

--- Begin Message --- Subject: [GNU Crypto] GNU Crypto 2.1.0 Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 16:12:18 -0700 I'm happy to announce the release of GNU Crypto 2.1.0. It should appear on and mirrors shortly.

GNU Crypto 2.1.0 represents, in the same tradition as the Linux kernel, an "odd-numbered" major release, and is meant for active development. This means that things in between 2.1 micro releases may change wildly, in the spirit of developing the code further, to eventually produce release 2.2, which will remain stable. 2.1.0 will not depart that far from what was made available in 2.0, just a lot has been added, so we don't expect existing applications using GNU Crypto to need much revision.

There are some significant changes in this release, however:

* Building with GCJ, including producing native shared libraries, is not currently supported. For bytecode generation, we need a compiler that understands `-sourcepath.' Recent releases of GCJ should be able to compile GNU Crypto's Jar file to native code, however. * No Ant build.xml file is included in this release; this still needs to be updated for changes to the system requirements. * Many new algorithms have been added, including password-based encryption, SSL and TLS padding schemes, the OMAC message authentication code, the EAX encryption mode, the Fortuna and CSPRNG pseudo-random number generators, and various key transform algorithms for JCE support. * A replacement for the `keytool' program is in development. A version with some basic functions in place is included. * The clean-room JCE, JAAS, JGSS, and SASL API's have been removed, and are now required as a part of the system you are targeting, meaning you will need a recent developer snapshot of GNU Classpath, or will need a runtime that supports the 1.4 security features, and has the SASL API introduced in 1.5. * A partial implementation of NIST's PKITS X.509 test suite (there is also an implementation of X.509 certificates, but in free runtimes we suggest using the implementation included in GNU Classpath instead).

Binary and source releases are available from, and all GNU mirrors, in the directory 'gnu/gnu-crypto.'

Happy hacking!

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