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Updated FreeSwingTestApps

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Updated FreeSwingTestApps
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 02:08:29 +0100


In preparation for the next snapshot on Wednesday I went through the
FreeSwingTestApps list. There are now 4 categories "Should Work",
"Starts but doesn't really work", "Needs lots of Work" and "Untested".
The first two categories are the most interesting since those are
applications that (at least partially) work now.

So if you are hacking on Free Swing please check out and try some of the
things in the wiki. It would be nice if the "Should Work" category
applications actually work when we release. FoxHunt and JTetris seem to
work fine, but JUnit has some regressions since a few weeks back (you
cannot scroll and select a TestSuite that isn't initially visible in the


BTW BeanShell ("Starts but doesn't really work") is really cool. The
things that work look pretty nice. And it is a nice test environment.


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