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Using OSG for Classpath

From: Peter Kriens
Subject: Using OSG for Classpath
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 13:41:17 +0100

I am very impressed with the Classpath libraries. It is an impressive
feat to get so much done.

I have, however, a request. The current classpath is becoming quite big
and will contain too much for smaller environments. I am trying to get
jamvm and classpath to work on an NSLU2 and it means I have to twiddle
a lot. So I have some questions:

1/ Could classpath be split up in multiple, independent projects? I.e.
   every javax should have its own JAR.

2/ Could you use the OSGi modularization headers for JAR files to
   make these libraries deployable? These headers allow you to keep
   implementation code protected from other JARs when running on an
   OSGi system. These headers are ignored for other systems.
   FYI, OSGi is used in Eclipse, Apache and in many commercial
   projects. I would be more than willing to help to get these headers
   in place.

3/ Cross dependencies should be absolutely minimized. I noticed
   java.nio was used in several implementation packages.

Kind regards,

   Peter Kriens

Peter Kriens                              Tel +33870447986
9C, Avenue St. Drézéry                    AOL,Yahoo: pkriens
34160 Beaulieu, France                    ICQ 255570717
Skype pkriens                             Fax +1 8153772599

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