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Re: Using OSG for Classpath

From: Andrew Haley
Subject: Re: Using OSG for Classpath
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 17:55:45 +0000

Peter Kriens writes:
 > I am very impressed with the Classpath libraries. It is an impressive
 > feat to get so much done.
 > I have, however, a request. The current classpath is becoming quite big
 > and will contain too much for smaller environments. I am trying to get
 > jamvm and classpath to work on an NSLU2 and it means I have to twiddle
 > a lot. So I have some questions:
 > 1/ Could classpath be split up in multiple, independent projects? I.e.
 >    every javax should have its own JAR.

It would be a good idea to partition Classpath into subsets.  That
said, the nature of the Java library makes this hard to do.

 > 2/ Could you use the OSGi modularization headers for JAR files to
 >    make these libraries deployable? These headers allow you to keep
 >    implementation code protected from other JARs when running on an
 >    OSGi system. These headers are ignored for other systems.
 >    FYI, OSGi is used in Eclipse, Apache and in many commercial
 >    projects. I would be more than willing to help to get these headers
 >    in place.

Please give us some idea about this.  How do OSGi modularization
headers work?

 > 3/ Cross dependencies should be absolutely minimized. I noticed
 >    java.nio was used in several implementation packages.

Here we must disagree.  Performance and completeness comes first.


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