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FreeSWTTestApps page added to wiki

From: Egon Willighagen
Subject: FreeSWTTestApps page added to wiki
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 13:23:10 +0100
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(Please cc me, as I am not yet subscribed)

Hi all,

I'm attempting to setup a live CD for chemoinformatics, which will include 
Java software too. I already tested Jmol and JChemPaint with jamvm and 
classpath 0.18 (see FreeSwingTestApps in wiki), which doesn't go that bad 
actually, though not up to production level yet.

Yesterday a bio-/chemoinformatics platform project was announced: 
Bioclipse[1]. It's eclipse based, so normally no Swing stuff. I was able to 
boot the program with jamvm and classpath 0.18, but added a new 'view' for
2D and 3D rendering of molecular structures did not work with this problem:

Unhandled event loop exception
Not implemented [need JDK 1.5 or greater] (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 

I think this comes from the Eclipse RCP stuff itself, though I don't have a 
full stacktrace at this moment.

Anyway, I added a FreeSWTTestApps to the Classpath wiki using the same setup 
as the FreeSwingTestApps page. 



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