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Re: memory behavior to expect with gjdoc-0.7.6

From: fredd
Subject: Re: memory behavior to expect with gjdoc-0.7.6
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 12:32:47 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Rob,

> Could you also run JamVM with -verbose:gc and send me the output?


I ran this from the Makefile in .../classpath-0.19/doc/api/Makefile
defining the symbol GJDOC in the Makefile as

GJDOC= gjdoc -J-Xms200m -J-Xmx900m -verbose:gc

then do
gmake html

I also had to fiddle with my ulimit or it would blow off much
earlier.  It seems like gjdoc has to get to about 700MB before it
starts to ouptut HTML pages.  It took almost 7 min. to produce
this output on my 1.3GHz Celeron M.  With "top" running on another
screen SIZE eventually showed 935MB, RES showed 936MB.  I had
about 300MB of physical memory left.


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