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Re: J2ME - keep seperate or include it?

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: J2ME - keep seperate or include it?
Date: 05 Dec 2005 19:44:54 -0700
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>>>>> "Rupert" == Rupert K <address@hidden> writes:

Rupert> Hi there 

Rupert> at the moment I'm thinking about if it is possible to add my
Rupert> J2ME part to the existing classpath orif it would be better to
Rupert> keep it separate.  there are only a few classesneeded from
Rupert> classpath (parts of java.lang, java.util).

Rupert> so my current decision wouldbe to keep it separate and
Rupert> afterwards when i know exactly which partsare needed (and
Rupert> which not) it could be possible to add these j2me-packages to
Rupert> classpathand write a script which extracts
Rupert> the needed parts when compiling j2me. 

I would recommend doing this work on a branch of the Classpath CVS
repository.  For one thing it will let us all keep track of the
licensing stuff better -- meaning that we'll unambiguously be able to
merge in your changes (or whatever) later on.  I think this is very

Also I think this approach would make it simpler to get advice from
the Classpath maintainers (some of whom are J2ME users); and finally
since we would see the patches going by I think it would make it
socially simpler to do a future merge (i.e., the future merge patch
will look strangely familiar... :-)


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