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Re: Building classpath-0.19-generics

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Building classpath-0.19-generics
Date: 07 Dec 2005 14:20:48 -0700
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>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Eckstein <address@hidden> writes:

Andreas> Hi! How would I go about building classpath-0.19-generics? I tried
Andreas> gcjx and ecj with various ./configure options, with no avail. Can
Andreas> somebody give me a working, minimal ./configure line (without native
Andreas> stuff), along with a compiler recommendation? Thanks!

Personally I just check it out in Eclipse, and that works fine.

For the command line ... it looks like lib/ needs to pass
'-source 1.5 -target 1.5' to ecj.  Could you try making that change?
If it works for you I will check it in.


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