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Re: Proposal: Graphics2D rewrite branch

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Proposal: Graphics2D rewrite branch
Date: 11 Dec 2005 18:02:14 -0700
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>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Wielaard <address@hidden> writes:

>> Requirements for patch email to classpath-patches and for paperwork
>> *cannot* be lifted.

Mark> And you should not see it as "private" or "may be broken at random
Mark> times". It should be as much as possible something that you work with a
Mark> team on (and if there is no team - yet - then there is nothing as bad as
Mark> having a completely broken build to get others to help out).

Actually, I think it is reasonable to have a "may be broken" branch.
In fact this is one of the main reasons for having a branch -- if you
can keep stuff building and working, in many cases you won't need a
branch at all.

As for private, I think we should be careful.  Nothing in Classpath
can truly be private, the point is we're building something in common.
But it can be reasonable to have a rule like, 'please ask me before
committing to this branch'.


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