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Re: builder setup

From: Jim Pick
Subject: Re: builder setup
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 06:55:46 -0800
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Actually, the reboots were due to the fact the colo physically moved the
server between different sites.  They're moving everything from AboveNet
in San Jose to Market Post Tower in San Jose (home of MAE-West).  I had
an email about a week ago about the move, but I didn't know when they'd
actually do it until about an hour before they did it.  It seems to have
gone fairly smoothly though.  Some of the extra reboots were just
because I wanted to test to make sure the IPMI setup was working and I
could still access the BIOS.

Also, they're going to ask us to switch to new IP addresses in a month
or so.

I do want to upgrade to Xen 3.0 sometime in the future.  I don't think
I'll have time for that until after the holidays though.

Overall, I think things have been pretty stable.  :-)


 - Jim

Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Hi all, Hi list,
> seems to shape up nicely.
> There were 3 reboot last night. I assume that was Jim doing a Xen
> upgrade?
> There were a couple of issues with email (the scripts now fake the
> envelop sender with sendmail to look like emails come from
> that I have asked the sysadmin to look
> at (we had the same issue with in the past,
> thinks it handles all of, but developer and
> builder are special).
> I tweaked the Ecj script that Anthony contributed a bit (also created a
> toplevel Nightly/ecj dir that the script expects to be there) and
> together with Tom debugged gcjx a little. The script now builds/runs 5
> versions of ecj:
> - build ecj bytecode with gcj -C
> - build native ecj with gcj
> - build ecj bytecode with gcjx
> - build ecj with jamvm using gcj bytecode version
> - build ecj bytecode with native-ecj
> There should probably be a jacks run added to check that
> ecj-built-by-ecj version is completely sane. The produced ecj hasn't
> been wired into the other build/check scripts.
> I currently have a screen session running with one screen doing:
> source setup; while true; do Everything; Report Idle; sleep 3600; done
> (The sleep is there to prevent builder going insane and spamming
> classpath-testresults with failure messages.)
> And another doing:
> source setup; cd Nightly;
> gij -cp /home/cpdev/ircbot/pircbot.jar:/home/cpdev/ircbot/cpbot.jar
> gnu.classpath.ircbot.Main
> (irc seems a bit flaky so sometimes our little bot needs to be restarted
> by hand)
> I haven't figured out how to easily share this screen setup. Screen
> seems to not like being run from a sudo su cpdev session :{
> Any hints or tips appreciated.
> There is no real web frontend yet, but I did do:
> ln -s /home/cpdev/Nightly/CurrentStatus /var/www/index.html 
> so you can see what builder is doing by looking at
> I am planning to create a new builder module in mauve to more easily
> share the code next week with others as soon as we are reasonable happy
> about the current script setup.
> Cheers,
> Mark

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