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Re: javax.swing.JTextField

From: Roman Kennke
Subject: Re: javax.swing.JTextField
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 10:39:15 +0100

Hi again,

> What's strange is that JFormattedTextField, which inherits from JTextField,
> doesn't fire the action event... Oh, I see, it specifically overrides the
> action map. Is it correct that JFormattedTextField's getActions() just
> returns null, rather than invoking its super-class, or at least providing
> the same action for the enter key?

Whoops, I think you looked at the wrong method. There is an inner class
(AccessibleJFormattedTextField) which also has getActions() and returns
null (which is wrong for sure, but shouldn't affect your issue). The
getActions() method of the JFormattedTextField does indeed return
super.getActions() so the NotifyAction should be included here.

However, when I try this with Sun's JDK, it only fires an ActionEvent if
a valid value according to the installed Formatter has been entered.
Unfortunately, this does not work in Classpath this way. Would you mind
filing a bug report?


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