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From: Chris Lansdown
Subject: javax.swing.JComboBox
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 21:05:02 -0500
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in javax.swing.JComboBox.contentsChanged:

    // if first and last index of the given ListDataEvent are both -1,
    // then it indicates that selected item in the combo box data model
    // have changed. 
    if (event.getIndex0() == -1 && event.getIndex1() == -1)

it handles when the indexes are both -1, but it doesn't seem to handle any
other case. Is this indeed the correct behavior? In particular, this seems
to break MetalFileChooserUI, because
DirectoryComboBoxModel.setSelectedItem() always calls fireContentsChanged

  fireContentsChanged(this, 0, items.size() - 1);

So, basically, when the popup list calls JComboBox.setSelectedIndex(...),
JComboBox never calls selectedItemChanged(), which never lets the listeners
in MetalFileChooserUI know that the selected item has changed.

Does this seem right?

DefaultComboBoxModel.setSelectedItem(...) is:

    if (selectedItem == null)
        if (object == null)
        if (selectedItem.equals(object))
    selectedItem = object;
    fireContentsChanged(this, -1, -1);    

which is why anything which uses the default model works.

Incidentally, if you modify contentsChanged to run selectedItemChanged() on
other than -1, -1, you seem to get an infinite loop. I think that this is
fixable, however, if you put checks into MetalFileChooserUI's
DirectoryComboBoxAction.actionPerformed to only change the directory and
rescan if something has actually changed. I haven't verified this yet,


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