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Re: compiling Classpath on cigwin/win

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: compiling Classpath on cigwin/win
Date: 02 Jan 2006 11:10:14 -0700
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>>>>> "Enrico" == Enrico Migliore <address@hidden> writes:

Enrico> (I had to disable gtk-peer because for some reason the
Enrico>  configure utility says "X is not installed"... even though X
Enrico>  is installed through Cygwin...  I'm sure X is running because
Enrico>  I got the excellent DDD debugger which is a Windows based
Enrico>  program, working on my Win2k)

config.log ought to say why the tests for X failed.

Enrico> CPU: Intel @ 3GHz
Enrico> RAM: 192 MBytes
Enrico> OS: WinXP

Enrico> Is it reasonable a compilation time that long?


If it is not making any progress at all then I would suspect a bug in
whatever app is stuck (you mentioned jikes... you could try a
different java compiler).


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