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Re: Target-Native Impls

From: Guilhem Lavaux
Subject: Re: Target-Native Impls
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 20:45:33 +0100
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Roman Kennke wrote:

Ok. Dalibor also gave a little positive feedback on IRC. So I'll prepare
this stuff and check it in after the next release, unless there comes a
big NO in the meantime. Also, I am going to adjust the existing native
code to actually use the target native layer where it does not (but
should). And of course I will work on getting the target native layer
into a good shape so it isn't so much a PITA...

Hi Roman,

Yes please put what you can of the target stuff in cvs. I have just sent the real patch to remove target but that will happen a little later. And maybe we'll use the target layer implementation for a transient state. At the end I would like to use autoconf though...



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